Friday, August 7, 2009

No Scent Makes Sense

Every year, Jerry Thomas, the CEO of the marketing research and consulting firm, Decision Analyst hosts a company wide training sessions on do's and don'ts. These are lessons company employees have learned the hard way through the years.

Several deal with odor. Not only should client service personnel use breath freshener prior to meeting with clients, but they should avoid cologne for men and perfume for women.

The need for breath fresheners is especially important for smokers. Many smokers are not even aware of the effect smoke has on their breath and clothes. If possible, smokers should try to light up in places where they can minimize the amount of smoke that will collect on their clothes. Lately, these are practically the only places where smoking is permitted.

Cologne and perfume should be avoided. The scent you find appealing will assuredly repulse someone else.

When it comes to the personal hygiene of field sales and service personnel, no scent makes sense.

(c) 2009 Matt Michel

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