Friday, August 7, 2009

HVAC Still The Number One Complaint In Commercial Buildings

The International Facility Managers Association (IFMA) released "Temperature Wars: Savings vs. Comfort" last week, which showed comfort problems pervade office buildings.

Some highlights...

Time of Year Complaints Occur

  • 34% of occur in the winter

  • 29% occur in the summer

  • 25% occur in the spring

  • 12% occur in the fall

Actions Employees Take When Uncomfortable

  • 66% use personal fans

  • 64% put on more clothing

  • 60% use personal heaters (despite the fact the heaters are banned over safety reasons)

  • 56% try to redirect or block diffusers

  • 51% adjust (i.e., tamper with) thermostats

It seems to me that an enterprising commercial HVAC salesperson would take this report, call facility managers, ask if they've seen it, offer to bring them a copy, set a time to sit down and review it, and use this as an opening to discuss how the salesperson's company could make the facility manager's life a whole lot easier.

Download Temperature Wars: Savings vs. Comfort (pdf)

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