Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Attendance Down Due To... Air Conditioning?

"As the generation that grew up without air conditioning ages and dies off, maybe beach-going will become an old-fashioned, occasional activity, not the main idea of summertime," hypothesizes Wisconsin law professor, Ann Althouse.

Of course, that's not the only possible reason for declining beach attendance, suggests Althouse. It could also be the hassle, that we like to watch movies and play video games, that we're afraid of skin cancer, and that we're fat and don't want to be seen in a bathing suit.

Whatever. Personally, I'm going to keep going to Cape San Blas...

And if you want to stay away, well, that just means more beach for me.


  1. Gas costs too much, the wind blows all the time, the no see'm and mosquitoes are horrible, can't go into the water because of the jellyfish, there is no place to launch a boat, there are no motels left, only condos, restaurants cost too much, the cops on Arendell St will cite you for 5+ MPH, sharks are out past the surf line, there are no piers left for public fishing, are they ever going to do anything with the Circle?; this doesn't look a thing like it did when I was a kid, you can't find a parking space at Wings when it is time to buy a cheap t-shirt and a fiddler crab........yeah, everyone just stay away! Happy (upcoming) birthday old man, see you in Nashville. John Riley

  2. When you're in Nashville, don't miss "The Best Dang Hospitality Party at Comfortech"

  3. What does a Wisconsin law professor know about going to the beach anyway! Sometimes the more education they get the less sense they have. I am here year round.

    Preston Russ
    Cape San Blas

  4. I haven't been to a ton of beaches, but over the summer I stayed in Kill Devil Hills at the Outer Banks, NC and it's definitely been my favorite so far. It's all-around a great place to vacation, it's moderately busy, but not swamped like Myrtle Beach. It's a well-maintained place and has these dunes that you can go to and see an AMAZING sunset. It really was incredible.

    beach is still the best place to be with nature.

    That is just my 2 cent

  5. Cape San Blas was named the best beach in America a couple of years ago. Plus, it's been named America's most family friendly beach or something like that. It's also pet friendly. Wish I could stay there longer than a few weeks a year.

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