Monday, August 24, 2009

Paycheck Pump Up

I get a lot of great ideas from Juan Cardona, owner of JC Heating & Cooling in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. He's one of those guys who spills ideas without consciously realizing it. I got another today.

"I really liked this," Juan wrote in Facebook about the Mabel & The Wal-Mart Greeter story. "Every employee is getting a copy of it in this week's payroll check."

I often talk about seeking out large area employers for the purpose of getting a discount card or promotion stuffed in employee paychecks. After all, that's one envelope people are guaranteed to open.

It never occurred to me that a contractor could use the same approach to communicate with his (or her) own employees. Take a cue from Juan. Stuff a motivational message in every paycheck at least once a month. While you could do it every week, infrequency probably increases readership.

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