Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rudy... A Story of Perseverance

It's a mistake to call Rudy a football movie. It's a movie about perseverance and overcoming adversity that happesn to take place in a football setting. Still, it is a football setting. The movie never fails to inspire me.

If you aren't familiar with the movie, Rudy is an undersized, unathletic, dyslexic kid who dreams of playing football for Notre Dame. No one believes in him, especially not his family. Over time, however, his enthusiasm and his tenacity gradually win believers. The clip below shows Rudy during spring training, trying to walk on for a position on the scout team.

Rudy makes the scout team and is eventually promised the opportunity to suit up for one game the following season. A head coaching change dashes Rudy's hopes. Approaching the final game, Rudy still hasn't made the roster. He quits. The stadium groundskeeper, Rudy's boss, gives Rudy a motivational speech in the following clip.

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Rudy thinks about the groundskeeper's message and returns to practice. His teammates rally to his cause, the coach relents, and Rudy leads the team on to the field. But standing on the sidelines in pads doesn't mean Rudy will be listed as a member of the team. For that, he needs to play.

With time fading, the football players on the sideline start chanting Rudy's name. This is picked up by students in the stands who read a profile on Rudy in the school newspaper. In the clip below, Rudy gets his chance, with his parents, brother, and friends watching from the stands.

By now, you probably realize that the most incredible aspect of the movie is that it's a true story. In the film, the real Rudy is actually sitting behind the movie Rudy's father.

The next clip summarizes the entire movie in a couple of minutes.

HVAC contractors might find it interesting that the film has an air conditioning connection. Alan Mintz, CEO of Energy King (formerly Buckeye Ventures) is an Associate Producer of Rudy.

If you haven't seen the movie, rent a copy. It will inspire you. Think about Rudy the next time you consider giving up. Like Rudy, you're capable of more than you know and more than others believe is possible.

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