Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are Your Customers Dumping You?

This is a surprisingly good parable put out by Microsoft illustrating the way most companies advertise to their customers and what the customers think about it. This is why customer engagement is so important.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Push

Is there someone in your company who needs a push? How about your family? How about you?

Lessons From Lanny

After a mental breakdown cost Lanny Bassham the Gold Medal for International Rifle Shooting in the 1972 Olympics, leaving him with the Silver, he sought answers. What was it about the Gold Medalists’ mental game that set them apart?
At the Service Roundtable’s recent Las Vegas Roundtable, Lanny shared what he discovered, what helped him win a Gold Medal in the 1976 Olympic Games, reign at the top of his sport for six years, set four world records, and help scores of other professional athletes in all sports, sales people, and business leaders. These principles can help you, your company, and your team, perform better.