Thursday, August 13, 2009

Steve Fouts On The Service Roundtable

As the owner of a small HVAC company for over twenty years, I can tell you that a lack of effective marketing has been the greatest obstacle to becoming a larger, more profitable company. We joined the Service Roundtable only a few months ago and love it. The material there is exactly what we needed to move forward.

The material we've used so far has proven to be worth more than the annual investment. I'm actually excited by the results. And after twenty years, my getting excited is rare! (I'm glad I started young.) Almost everyone here can see our new potential and wants to contribute. Joining the Service Roundtable was a great business decision.

But business is only a part of it. The rest is less tangible. Most of us small guys haven't found the time or even an opportunity to participate in groups made up of our peers. The choices available are few and usually not suitable. We have enough on our plate as it is.

So we do what we do alone. Sure, it's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, most of us are a little "different" anyway. We chose this gig partly because we like doing our own thing. But I think there's a penalty to be paid for our independence. It's not just lonely at the top, it's not profitable!

There's so much to be gained through sharing information and experiences with those in similar circumstances. A peer group, for lack of a better term, provides an opportunity to do so.

The Service Roundtable brings that peer group to my desktop. Wow. I mean it, this is huge! I now have the ability to plug into discussions with people who have similar histories, who do what I do, who struggle with very similar issues. Just knowing they're out there makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Alright, I haven't felt warm and fuzzy since 1982, but you get my meaning. I'm not alone!!! So before I go all Oprah on you I'll just say Thank You.

Thank You for all the meaningful articles like The Impoverished Craftsman in today's Comanche Marketing piece. We can't be reminded too often of concepts like these. Your insights are right on.

Thank You for all the great marketing material. It's true that real success begins by embracing the right concepts - by shifting one's thought. But then we need resources, especially marketing resources. My opinion: The Service Roundtable has it. There is no more cost effective source of successful marketing strategies and materials for our industry - none. I've checked.

Thank You for all the thoughtful contributions to the Roundtable discussions. Lots of great stuff here. I was a little surprised to find a regular contributor who includes a Wayne Dyer quote in his tagline; I love it. I'm not alone!!! OK, I'll stop. But I hope you don't underestimate the value of the intangibles here. The sense of community built by this Roundtable is for some of us, just what the doctor ordered.

Keep up the great work!

Steve Fouts
United Home Comfort
Bowling Green, OH

The Service Roundtable provides plumbing, air conditioning, and heating contractors with new sales, marketing, and business management tools on a weekly basis, including direct marketing, email marketing, Internet marketing, consumer newsletters, newspaper ads, management tools, pricing calculators, technician flyers and handouts, training pieces, hiring guides, employment applications, recruiting ads and brochures, affinity marketing programs, sales tools, incoming call scripts, press releases, service agreements, and much, much, more. Members gain instant access to a library of more than $3 million of archived content, tap into the Roundtable discussion groups 24/7/365 where instant answers are found to virtually any question, and save on purchases.

The cost? It's only $50 a month. There's no long-term contract. It's not necessary. Try it for a month. If you don't like it, quit.

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