Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good Contractor PR

Steve Miles at Jerry Kelly Air Conditioning in St Charles, MO wanted to help someone in the community who needed a new air conditioner, but couldn't afford one. The challenge is finding someone legitimately in need.

Miles turned to a public relations firm to help find a good candidate. The added benefit is that the PR firm could get the word out about the company's charity. The following is a sampling of the news coverage the company received...

Initial press release @ PR Newswire

AOL Money & Finance


Street Insider with links from USA Today

St Louis Today

Lincoln County Journal

Channel 11

In addition, Jerry Kelly was featured on the evening news. Unfortunately, the video is no longer available on the station's website, though Miles may upload a copy to YouTube.

Some small business owners hesitate to take credit and to trumpet their good deeds. This is foolish. Only profitable, successful companies can afford to do good deeds. When you help people through your company, don't be afraid to let the public know.

If you really want to get the word out, use a public relations professional, apart and distinct from any ad agency you might use. The added exposure will more than cover the expense.

If you think the media is filled with negative stories about business, give the news something positive to report. It's good for the people you help. It's good for the consumers who appreciate positive stories about companies like yours. And it's good for your company.

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