Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Profiting From Chaos

Does the world seem chaotic?  Unrest in the Mid-East threatens to disrupt world oil supplies.  At home, electric reliability is becoming suspect with whole regions experiencing rolling blackouts.  And now, the potential for a nuclear meltdown in Japan will push back the potential resurgence of nuclear energy.

How did we get here?  The answer has little to do with the quest for democracy.

And what does it mean for your business?  It may not be bad.

While written before the Japanese earthquake, my latest column for Contracting Business Magazine, titled, "Profiting From Chaos" attempts to address these questions for air conditioning contractors.

Click to read the column.

How do you see the world becoming more chaotic?  Where do you see opportunities to profit, whether in HVAC or some other field?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Power of Appreciation

Service Roundtable and Retail Contractor Coalition member, Penny Luker from Mid-Cities Air Conditioning in Richland Hills, Texas, made my day when she sent me the card shown below...

Click on the image to read the copy.

It was incredibly nice and thoughtful. It stands out accordingly. It also stands out because it's so rare.

Why? It shouldn't be. Yet, all of us get so wrapped up in our own day-to-day activities we forget to show appreciation or complement others. Think how the simple act of showing appreciation, performed consistently, can affect everyone around us. Think how it can get reflected back to us.

Go ahead. Give it a try.