Monday, August 25, 2014

Thermal Imaging for Every Toolbox

Twenty years ago, I used a $20,000 infrared camera to demonstrate cold air technology.  Flir just announced an iPhone infrared accessory for $349.  This changes everything.

Infrared visually shows temperature differences.  It’s been used for years to identify insulation programs, help track down roof leaks, and identify electrical components about to fail (they heat up when approaching failure).  At $349, this should be added to every residential service person’s toolbox.  It will allow service personnel to troubleshoot faster, prevent breakdowns, provided added credibility by presenting visual proof of issues, and ultimately boost average tickets.

How Plumbers Can Use Thermal Imaging

·        Check water heater sediment build up
·        Detect water heater insulation problems
·        Identify potential water heater leaks before they occur by detecting temperature differences
·        Find slab leaks
·        Identify water pipe locations behind walls
·        Detect stoppage locations in pipes
·        Pinpoint piping and plumbing leaks that may not be visible to the eye
·        Find water damage that’s not yet visible
·        Detect moisture damage behind tiles

How Electricians Can Use Thermal Imaging

·        Identify electrical components that are about to fail and get hotter
·        Detect overheating outlets and light switches
·        Find wiring defects
·        Find electrical shorts

How HVAC Technicians Can Use Thermal Imaging

·        Find duct leaks
·        Pinpoint coil leaks
·        Identify electrical components nearing failure, before they fail
·        Check diffuser throw with the help of a screen held perpendicular to the diffuser
·        Identify points of air infiltration from poorly sealed doors, windows, and other penetrations of the building envelope
·        Detect when gas insulated windows have lost their seal
·        Identify insulation problems resulting from water damage, settling, or simply from new construction mistakes
·        Find cold air drafts

Check out a simulator of the product HERE.  Buy the product for $349 HERE.