Friday, July 31, 2009

Go Plumb Young Man

Job prospects are dim... except for the trades. The Manchester Union Leader reports that the New Hampshire Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau forecasts strong job growth for plumbers, pipefitters, roofers, cement masons, diesel mechanics, electricians, boilermakers, carpenters, and sheet metal workers for the next seven years. Accordingly, people who would have never considered the trades are attending trade school and signing up as apprentices.

"Plumbing probably wouldn't have crossed my mind if I had something lined up right out of college -- which five years ago was not uncommon," said 24 year old Nick Moreau.

Plumber Philip Cocchiaro delares, "You learn repair work, you'll always have food on the table."

"You've always got something you can fall back on," advises plumber, Bill Welcome. "You're always going to need a plumber, you're always going to need a mechanic for your car, and you're always going to need an electrician."

We've got a shortage of labor while college graduates have a shortage of jobs and an excess of debt. Maybe some should consider a trade before considering college. This a great time for contractors to approach high school guidance counselors to advise them about the prospects in our fields.

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