Thursday, July 23, 2009

Appropriate Uses For Duct Tape

Duct tape is some amazing stuff. It has all kinds of applications, just not ducts. It falls aparts after a few years in a duct system. Below are a few appropriate uses for duct tape...

Car Repair


Prom (Yup, it's really duct tape - a colored duct tape manufacturer sponsors a duct tape prom wear contest every year)

Aircraft Repair (This is an airline based in India)

Getting Even With Your High School Algebra Teacher

Disguise (This stupid crook duct taped his head as a disguise before attempting to rob a Kentucky liquor store without a weapon - store employees apparently had a fairly easy time "subduing" him)

I hope he didn't eat a bean burrito for lunch

Fender Repair on the Apollo 17 Moonbuggy (Now I know why NASA keeps having problems with the space toilet)

Wallet (Makes it a little harder to whip out those credit cards)


Like, Your Teenage, Like, Kids

Cat Visor

iPod Repairs

Repairing Macbook Air

Replacement For Athletic Tape (Note the guy also used a substitute pro-wrap underneath the duct tape)

Bandage (Think it hurts to pull a bandaid off?)

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  1. Domt forget duct tape to fix a 250k value nascar so he can win a 1 mil dollar race