Thursday, July 30, 2009

Appealing to All of the Senses

Trendhunter Magazine reports that Nissan is developing a "Forest AC System" for the Nissan Fuga, which will be launched later this year. The aromatherapy is supposed to affect mental activity.

According to the magazine, "The Nissan ‘Forest AC’ system would automatically control the temperature, ventilation, humidity, and aroma inside the car to match a relaxing forest setting."

Before you write this off, consider the possibilities for the home. Is it possible for air conditioning contractors to inject some form of refillable "aromatherapy" as part of a service agreement that requires continual refilling? It could reinforce the need for semi-annual maintenance.

I've known plumbing contractors who used biodegradable, citrus cleaning spray to clean faucets and fixtures during service. The spray left a pleasant citrus scent. The plumbers left the remainder of the low cost cleaning spray, which was private labelled. At the very least, it was a differentiator that got the company name and contact information in the house in a unique way. Consumers liked the scent of the spray enough that some bought extras from the plumber on the spot, boosting the average ticket.

How can we use aromas to boost memorability, satisfaction, preference, and add value?


  1. I like this idea. Its nicely unusual which makes it rememberable. Customers like service people who do a good job of cleaning up after themselves. Then add a nice aroma to a job well done is like icing on the cake. Then leave the bottle with contact info on it. Great way to get repeat customers.

  2. A similar idea is to brand your own bottled water, made with your shop R.O. system. Note that with your whole house R.O. system, homeowners can get bottled water free!