Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Marketing Ideas – Part VI

Continuing the series...

17. Make Your Fax Cover Page A Marketing Piece

When you send a fax, do you use the Microsoft Word fax cover page template? Why? Why not promote your company? Tell people what you do, offer reasons for calling your company, and give the recipient a coupon. Make your fax cover page a marketing piece.

While it’s true that we send fewer faxes, every now and then, its easier to fax a document than email it. Some situations, such as those requiring signatures, necessitate a fax. If you’re going to print and fax the cover page anyway, why not make it work for you?

18. Paperclip A Business Card To Every Bill

We all like to do business with the people who do business with us. It’s human nature. So every time you send in a bill, paperclip your business card to it. The late Tom McCart swore to me that he got one or two leads a year from paperclipping his business cards to bills.

One or two leads is nothing to get excited about, but a few business cards costs almost nothing and it takes little effort to paperclip them to a bill. More important, it supports the marketing mindset where you are constantly marketing.

19. Promote Your Company In Your Email Signature

While we may not fax much, we do email. A lot. Make sure you promote you company in your email signature. List the company name, what you do, your mission, your website, your contact information, and any awards and recognitions. This can be set to automatically be added to the bottom of any email you send using Microsoft Outlook or other email clients.

20. Save Old Yellow Pages (Cross Out The Companies Out Of Business)

When selling equipment replacements, major project, installation, or remodel work, use the transitory nature of the industry in your favor and against your competitors. Scan copies of old yellow pages directories for inclusion in a presentation book and cross out the names of companies who once advertised, but are no longer in existence. When showing this page to your prospects, comment that “A lot of companies come and go, but we’ve got a solid history, which means we’ll be around to honor all warranties and take care of your needs well into the future. Isn’t nice to have a local, family business you can rely upon?”

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