Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Retirement Joe Rettig

Joe Rettig, Residential Sales Manager for the Carrier Division of the Habegger Corporation, is retiring as of July 31. I'll be sad to see him go.

People like Joe make HVAC a great industry. When I think of Joe, I see him at Comfortech, holding court during lunch, surrounded by contractors. By the comments he made, it was obvious that Joe knew every one of them personally and well. He had a relationship.

Joe was old school. He came up through the industry at a time when the relationship between the TM/distributor and contractor was all important. He was very good at developing these relationships. It wasn't phony. These were heartfelt, real, and genuine friendships. These were the type of relationships that bound contractors to Habegger and through Habegger to Carrier and Bryant.

Through the years, I've received a number of notes from Joe about things I wrote or said. I know he didn't agree with everything I wrote, but commented every now and then when he did. He's an authentic nice guy. I wish him well in his retirement, though the industry will miss him.

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