Wednesday, July 22, 2009

But Does It Sell?

In this short video, advertising legend David Ogilvy talks about the difference between direct marketing and image advertising, which he calls "direct response advertising" and "general advertising."

It's amazing to me that there's still debate about some of the points Ogilvy makes, like:

- Long copy sells more than short copy

- Talk about benefits; don't get cute and poetic

According to Ogilvy, "General advertisers know almost nothing... They worship at the altar of creativity, which really means originality the most dangerous word in the lexicon of advertising."

This is my problem with a lot of advertising. It may be highly entertaining, clever, and original, but does it sell? Uh, no said Ogilvy.

"The trouble with many copywriters in general agencies," said Ogilvy, "is that they don't really think in terms of selling."

"They've never really tasted blood," he added.

One area where he was clearly wrong was his prediction that "The practicioners of general advertizing will begin learning from the experience of direct marketers." They never did and still haven't.

Ogilvy's love of direct marketing results from personal experience. When he started Ogilvy & Mather and broke into the New York advertising market, he sent direct mail every month to his target clients. Ogilvy knows direct marketing works because this giant of the advertising world used it build his business. So should you.

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