Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Call To Action

On the way to church Sunday, my wife nearly backed over a contractor walking across our driveway. Give him credit. He was industrious, walking neighborhoods on a Sunday morning to try and make something happen.

I've personally witnessed a lot more door to door activity in my neighborhood over the past six months. It's a sign that fencing contractors, cleaning services, painters, yard services, pest control companies, and other home services companies are looking for work. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, none of them offer a reason to call. About all they're doing is leaving a business card in the door. None include a call to action. Why should I call any of them? Simply because they leave a business card in my door?

At the very least, include a rubber stamped discount on the back of the business card. Create a call to action with a deadline. Always tell the prospect what he should do, why he should do it, and when he should do it.

(c) 2009 Matt Michel

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