Friday, July 31, 2009

Blogging Like a Pro

A lot of contractors are testing new approaches to attracting business, such as blogging. Southern California's Kevin Shaw does an excellent job.

Kevin puts thought into his posts. They're organized. They're informative. Moreover, in our searches at the Service Roundtable for content and plumbing ideas through Google and other means, Kevin's blog posts have popped up a couple of times. In fact, I was reading a terrific post on mold and thinking about potential content that could be developed around the issue when I noticed I was on Kevin's site. I'm not sure how I got to Kevin's site, indicating he's creating magnetic content that attracts.

If I lived in the San Gabriel Valley, Kevin's blog would impress me as a consumer. As he continues to build it, the blog will only become more magnetic and more impressive.

Cross Posting

Another company I've stumbled across repeatedly is the Irish InsuranceWorks. What this company does extremely well is cross post articles on a number of different sites. For example, you can find their article on water hammer...



On Creative Content Publisher

On Free Article Directory

On Article Dashboard, where it was picked up by The Home Improvement Blog

On Article Pros, where it was picked up by the Home Improvement blog, which is different from the one cited above

On Articles Alley

By cross posting, the author has increased the odds that bloggers will stumble across his article and republish it, which happened. He expands the number of websites linking back to his site, raising his search engine ranking. He increases the odds that his target audience will see the article.

Writing well in a blog is only part of the battle. You've also got to take active steps to build an audience. Cross posting is one way to do that (note to self... start taking your own advise and cross post).

(c) 2009 Matt Michel


  1. Matt (and David, I presume)...nice article about blogging. I think one of the other keys that I have heard about is to constantly add content. People stop visiting blogs that lack fresh thoughts or information. The "techy" blogs that I follow personally, and bookmark, have new content daily if not hourly. They do a lot of cross-blogging for their info but there is almost always something new to read. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Mike. We're taking steps to increase the posting activity with additional writers. It should get better.