Thursday, February 11, 2010

National News Magazine Declares Plumbing One of the Top Careers in 2010

U.S. News & World Report gives plumbing some love. The magazine considers plumbing a top career for this year and the next decade as demand increases 15% and plumbers retire.

"Few jobs are as necessary to everyday life as a plumber's," declares U.S. News. "Every sip of water from a school fountain, every pitcher of water poured from a faucet, each time a clean plate comes out of the dishwasher or a clean body climbs out of a shower—a plumber is, in large part, responsible."

The article notes that plumbers have plenty of upward mobility, with the potential to start their own companies. Plumbers, according to U.S. News have lots of activity and low stress.

I want the article writers to explain how is running a small business is low stress. Especially when, as the writer notes, there's a shortage of plumbers.

I think I also take issue with the story's claim that a key for advancement is learning Spanish. Hey, I'm all for learning Spanish. Since a growing segment of the labor pool may know English as a second language, I can see the advantages of becoming bilingual, but I don't know that it's "key" and noted that the writer didn't back up the claim.

Still, it's a pretty positive article. Thanks to Mike Enright for the heads up.

Read the article here. Better yet, forward the link to your town's high school guidance counselors.

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