Friday, February 5, 2010

Incredible Promotional Video Goes Viral

To promote reading, the New Zealand Book Council commissioned a stop motion video where Maurice Gee's book, Going West, literally comes out of the page.  This was a stop motion video that was all hand cut.  It consists of 3,000 frames and took eight months.  The camera work was done by a pair of single lens reflex cameras.

Imagine someone with a 10-A surgical knife making each cut by hand, positioning the paper, setting the lighting, and snapping the shot. I wonder how much it cost.

The video was designed to be shown in theaters and packaged on DVDs. Thus, it was designed for visual venues to encourage reading. As such, it's been highly effective.

A bonus for the New Zealand Book Council has been the viral nature of the video. It's been seen around the world and probably has near universal penetration in New Zealand.

Take a look. It's incredible...

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