Monday, February 15, 2010

Jay Conrad Levinson on Guerrilla Marketing

Most small business owners and marketers are familiar with Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books. Levinson addressed the "Rock Your Business Gadgets & Growth Showcase" in Orlando, Florida and one of the attendees grabbed these videos. The video quality's not great, but the message makes them worth watching.

Levinson says that you do not need to invest money in marketing if you invest 1. time, 2. energy, 3. imagination, and 4. information. Levinson says guerrilla marketing is geared towards cash strapped small businesses.

The only measure that Levinson says should matter is profit. Companies can set sales records and lose money. Only profit matters.

Ninety percent of purchase decisions are made by the unconscious mind and the way to access the unconscious mind is repetition.

Traditional companies grow by adding customers one-at-a-time. This is expensive and takes time. Levinson advocates geometric growth by:

  • Enlarging the size of each transaction by selling upgrades and accessories.
  • Increasing the number of transactions with each customer during the year.
  • Tapping the referral power of your network of customers.
  • Adding new customers one at a time.
Levinson advocates finding companies to cooperate with and working together for mutual benefit. This is "fusion marketing." Levinson says sell solutions, not benefits. People want solutions to problems. Market to individuals, not groups. Individuals buy. Instead of broadcasting, practice nanocasting. Nanocasting is narrowing the focus to the 4% of people who want what you are selling.

This last video is a little different. Levinson explains a "meme" and why he thinks memes should supercede logos.


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