Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Faith and Fear For 2010

“Faith and fear are different aspects of the same thing,” said Gina McWilliams.

Wow. I’d never thought of it that way. Gina had. Gina lost her right leg below the knee in an automobile accident at age 25. Her left foot was severed and reattached. Since the accident, she had 37 different surgical procedures.

As a single woman and an athlete, Gina knew fear. She says that fear can be an overwhelming companion. If she let fear take over, she would never leave her bed. She faced fear of falling when she got into her wheelchair, fear of falling when she got into her van, fear of not being able to find a handicapped spot, and on and on. Fear can be a constant companion.

Fear is belief in a negative future. Fear is a belief in the unseen. It is belief in things that may or may not be realized.

Gina rejected fear. She chose faith...

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  1. Matt you are the industry's motivational speaker

  2. Thanks Randy. Our industry has a lot of powerful speakers. I'm honored just to get to share the platform every now and then with guys like Greer, Matteson, Cunningham, Cameron, Piscitelli, Hinshaw, McCormick, Smith, Grandy, Coscia, Hudson, Howard, and many others, not to mention great contractors like Saunders, Taylor, Miles, Nicholas, and so on.