Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Questions With Steve Saunders

This edition of the 3 Questions For Small Business Podcast features Steve Saunders from Tempo Air and TexEnergy Solutions. Steve gives background on the spin off of Tempo Air from TD Industries, using an ESOP. Next, Steve addresses how Tempo has responded to the contraction of the new construction market by addressing home energy. Finally, Steve offers his projections for the future direction of the air conditioning industry.

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  1. If I were a young person I'd try my heart out to work with Steve Saunders and his team...

    After listening to the first part of Steve & Matt's conversation, I got completly side-tracked by the word trust. TD's trust in Steve and his group and Tempo's suppliers' trust in them.

    The word trust is like the tiny speck of island that rises above the water level. No mountain beneath, no speck.

    While the Green movement is all about the environment, I love Steve's advice to separate environmental conscientiosness from the type of business decision making involved in capitalizing on opportunities. In a perfect world there'd be no need for this advice. But too many of us are letting the noise that accompanies climate change cloud good business opportunity.

    Steve says to place climate change on the back burner and concentrate on improving building's energy efficiency.

    Guys! Initially, this doesn't take rocket, errrr building science. Most buildings don't work. You possess today, three quarters (and many of you 100%) of what it takes to make a building work. Uncover the design intent, note build-out (or the reverse), make sure it will work and make it work and then use your wildly satisifed building owner to get you some new business.

    Rounding out that extra quarter is where you'll really begin to make headway and differentiate yourself. Learn and understand what is working today to improve energy efficiency. I wonder if one of our readers might be able to suggest a place for a contractor to start who has game but wants to stand out.

  2. Good insight Dave. Steve is all about trust.

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