Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PreCall Planning With Linked In

Photo: Esparta

Matt Prazenka offered up a great idea at HVAC Comfortech. Use LinkedIn for pre-call planning.

Duh. This is so obvious, I can believe I didn't consider this before, but I didn't. I think of LinkedIn as a B2B resource, but it can also work for B2C.

If your CSR captures the customer's email address (and your CSR should) or if you receive a lead from an established customer, simply enter the email address into LinkedIn and check out the public profile. Look for clues about the prospect.

  • Does the prospect appear to value high-end products? Or does the prospect look like a value buyer?

  • What groups and organizations does the prospect belong to? Do you have any contacts with those groups? Do you have any affinity programs?

  • Do you have any LinkedIn contacts who are also contacts with the prospect? If so, can they shed insight or maybe, make a referral.

The profiles people provide to LinkedIn offer many clues that can aid a good salesperson. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to do the research.

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