Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bein' Generous

Matt posted in the SRT about a Starbucks givin' him a free cuppa' coffee because ... well, just because, and he tied that "feelgood" cuppa' to bein' priced right. I'd like to back up that advice with my own experience. As a plumbing contractor I was lookin' to do some kind of freebie as a way of attracting attention. I decided to have a raffle for a free water heater, installation and all, and wrote to our local paper about it. We gave out one raffle ticket per visit -- new and old customers alike -- for 6 months and, with a lot of fanfare of course, drew a winner. The publicity we got from that one give-a-way paid for that water heater installation 10 times over, and the winner has referred us to many of her friends.

3 years later we're still gettin' feedback about how great it was we did such a promotion, and when are we goin' to do another. Well, we are doin' another but in a different area -- Green Plumbing; but that's for another post. So? So be a real business and price yourself right. Why are so many of us afraid to make a good living?

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