Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baseball Business Cards

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It's always gratifying to see Service Roundtable ideas in action. Alan Givens at Parrish Services took the Service Roundtable's baseball card as business card concept and upgraded it (see above). The cards made Alan's technicians extremely popular at Comfortech.

The cards add a fun element to your business. They also give you opportunities to share more information about your employees, making them human and authentic.

Certainly the cards are distinctive and merit conversation. In fact, two people asked me to keep for the card I managed to get. No one cared about any other business cards I collected at Comfortech.

This is powerful! The cards generate word-of-mouth.

The cards are also fun for the employees to pass out. This increases the potential that technicians will pass the cards out at every opportunity.

Alan promised to send me his template to upload to the Service Roundtable. In fact, he's probably already done it. I just need to dig through my email.

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