Thursday, April 1, 2010

Residential New Construction Contractor Finds Profit in Panhandling

(LAS VEGAS, Nevada) – Jimmy Morris’ technicians used to install air conditioners. Today, they panhandle.

“It’s awesome,” declared Morris. “I send these guys out with signs and buckets and they come back with money. Heck, when I was a new construction contractor, I lost money every day. Now, I make money.”

When asked about shifting his business to the service and replacement market as other contractors have done, Morris expressed skepticism.

“That may be alright for other guys,” Morris said. “But I don’t see the point. You have to spend money on uniforms, shoe covers, marketing, and training. You have to invest in a business alliance and read stuff. This is a lot easier.”

Morris explains that he likes the fact he no longer has to worry about the appearance of his workforce, noting that “the grungier the better.” The only materials he needs are markers. His techs supply their own cardboard from local dumpsters. He gives them the freedom to create their own signs.

“They used to install every air conditioner different, even though we did tract work,” Morris said, “Why shouldn’t they make every sign different?”

Morris’ panhandlers are paid a percentage of their daily take.


  1. Sounds like Morris there shouldn’t have gone into business to begin with…especially if he doesn’t like to “read stuff.” It’s a shame to resort to such unethical tactics to make money. The sad part is Las Vegas has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country and it’s HOT! The only redeeming issue of this article is that a contractor who put out shoddy and inconsistent work is out of business. I don’t think Morris realizes that he just improved the A/C industry in his area.
    Randall Murphy

  2. Eureka! No more stand-by time for my techs. How wonderful and I can have them park the trucks somewhere down the street as "billboards" - have a quick change of clothes in the back and put them right back to calls... I see $$$$$$$.
    Hope you all had a safe and happy April Fools day.

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  6. Matt, this just goes to show how talented a storyteller you are!
    Ha Ha, good one! I’ve been so swamped producing new training videos; I didn’t even realize the date. Just goes to show you, we need to take time to slow down and enjoy life.
    The unfortunate truth is these are desperate times for many contractors that don’t know how to run profitable companies and I’ve heard some crazy stories about desperate measures some have taken just to stay afloat.

    Randall Murphy

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