Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good News: The Polar Ice Cap Isn't Disappearing

Something interesting's been occuring in the Arctic.  The Arctic sea ice, which starts melting around the first week of March, didn't.  It kept expanding.  This means the summer melting period will be less.  It also means that current ice levels are now consistent with the "historic" record. 

Unfortunately, our history is limited to the satellite record, which is roughly 30 years.  Because we've got such a narrow window, we tend to act like the ant who hatched in the morning and by mid-afternoon, noted it was getting progressively warmer.  The ant extrapolates and estimates his world will burn up in a day or so.  Of course, it didn't.  And neither will ours to the dismay, consternation, and frustration of the air conditioning industry.

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