Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Small Business Consultant Speaks Out On The Economy

Originally Published 1.22.09

There were a lot of great posts on the thread where I pulled Joel’s comments. Service Roundtable members have read them, so I apologize for repeating a couple. I can’t share all of them, but a day or so after Joel’s post, Matt Prazenka added a thoughtful post. Matt is a former contractor turned business consultant. He’s a sharp guy. I recommend his services. Here’s what Matt has to say about the current economy and media reports…

I have to make a point here, thought not said but merely implied from the first post was that Michigan was in dire strait based upon what? A news story that focus on the extreme of the market place.

The reality has been stated many times before on this site, there is more positive than negative going on! The dollars are there. You have to scratch a little harder to get to them. It is the Media’s focus on the negative and the politicians’ desire to be the savior of all that have suffered the fate of the free market, where those who are more efficient, have a long term plan, and choose to be slightly conservative will succeed and prosper.

Joel, Jeff, John and David state what most Service Roundtable members have chosen to do and not participate in the market decline (and there are many in other places in country I have spoken to with the same program). Quit looking behind you and stare straight ahead with focus on you goals.

I tell everyone quit listening to the news and do not rely on government for an answer. The Media needs headlines to sell advertising and the politicians need justification to impose their inefficiencies (socialization) upon us under the guise of “for the Common Good.”

Our problems, like $140 a barrel oil, will pass. We are missing our piece of the pie the same way we lost air purification to Sharper Image and Plumbers lost pure water to the bottlers. Our energy issues could be addressed by higher efficiency units with a faster pay back than any alternative energy solution.

There are more properties, opportunities and energy savings from HVAC equipment than any other item other than automobiles and building insulation. But the money goes to solar panels and wind power due to sex appeal and lobbyists. It sounds to me like the train is leaving the station and we are here just watching it pull away.

In reading Joel and Jeff yesterday in the back of mind I was humming the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” with the acknowledgement that they were committed to success and would NEVER GIVE UP. Their comments gave rise to my spirits.

I volunteer with many people in Career transition and guess what? There is a lot of activity out there and people are being hired. In the past 3 weeks job postings have multiplied.

Unlike previous down turns there is no inventory (Just in Time Manufacturing) to sell off. When the market place takes off, there will be an immediate need for product and recovery will be robust (not as fast as it drop, but a quicker response than the late 80’s.) So hang on it going to be great ride.

Matt Prazenka
Business Leader
Abacus Business Development


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