Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dumb Customer. Creepy Plumber.

A Knoxville, Tennessee newspaper reported that a plumber was arrested and charged with photographing without consent. 

Apparently the plumber was called for a leaking shower.  He told the customer she needed to take a shower so he could track down the leak.  She feel for it.  Presumably, he left the room while she proceeded to shower.

After she finished the shower, the woman noticed a lens in the plumber's tool kit.  It was a camera (presumably an operating video camera or there wouldn't be the need for the arrest). 

Clearly the customer's a low watt bulb, but that doesn't excuse the plumber's actions.  The story doesn't report the company name so there's no indication whether the plumber was the Principal or an employee.  However, more information is promised to be forthcoming, which could include the company name.

What if the creepy plumber was your employee?  Yikes!

How do you protect your company from creepy employees?  How do you respond if a creepy employee sabotages your company?

Think through your response in advance.  While you want to avoid hiring creepy employees in the first place, you want to think through how you would respond with calm and without pressure.  During the pressure of the moment, you might not select the best course of action.

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