Thursday, June 21, 2007

Marketing For Employees

I saw a great recruiting sign on the back of a cab in Houston yesterday. The headline proclaimed, "Looking for an office with a view?" The remaining verbiage was about the joy of cab driving, with a number to call. The sign made driving a cab sound more like a vacation than a job.

Dominick Guarino from the National Comfort Institute stopped by the Service Roundtable World Headquarters today. I mentioned it to him. He said he's been advocating technician recruiting ads that describe the requirements, emphasize the duties, build up the training, and stress the benefits without mentioning the industry.

Mike Hajduk from Callahan Roach Business Solutions also dropped by. He mentioned that John Garofalo (at least, I think it was John) used to take his car to a different lube shop whenever he needed an oil change. He would look around and see who was really hustling and seemed to have a great attitude. He would ask these guys if they would like more freedom and better pay.

Well, duh. Who wouldn't?

With the door open, John gave the guy a business card and suggested he give him a call.

With a shortage of labor, marketing should not be limited to recruiting customers. Use to recruit employees!

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