Tuesday, June 19, 2007

If You Have To Lose A Customer...

...this is the way to do it:

Dear Janet,

Sorry you have had to do so much chasing. Still I guess the reason for this is a Serviceroundtable success story.

Since subscribing to Service Roundtable and taking full advantage of all its wonderful help, advice and services, the value of my business increased to such an extent that on May 1st it was purchased on the very best of terms. Since then I have been touring Europe and am about to leave on a cruise of Alaska.

I am indebted to Service Roundtable and have strongly recommended the service to the new owner and also to each and every contact I come across in the industry.

I will no longer be subscribing (though if I can be a reference any time; you only need ask). I hope that you will be asked to continue membership for [my old company].

Malcolm Lamb
Newberg, OR

If you're in plumbing or HVAC, visit The Service Roundtable to learn more.

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