Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ignoring Prospects at Trade Shows

It's expensive to attend a trade show or home show.  The costs ratchet up with each increase in the size of the booth and the number of employees attending the show.  So why do so many exhibitors ignore prospects?

Yesterday, a team from the Service Roundtable spent nearly seven hours at the AHR Show in Orlando.  We were focused.  We had an agenda and a mission.  We were very conscious of time. 

Yet, time after time, we walked into booths and were totally ignored by exhibitor employees who were engaged in conversation with each other!  The most irritating instance was the employee who was actively engaged in deep conversation with the rented "booth babe" while ignoring us (more on "booth babes" later).

To get the attention of employees at some booths required us to interrupt the employees' conversations.  As a rule, these tended to be the biggest booths with the most employees.  I can remember two instances of actually thanking people for taking the time to talk with us.

Why exhibit at all if you're going to ignore (and irritate) prospects?

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