Friday, January 8, 2016

Let’s Make Some Business Resolutions

It’s a new year.  It’s a time for new beginnings.  It’s a time for you to take your business to new heights.  Here’s how.  We always make resolutions for ourselves.  We resolve to lose weight, to start exercising, to eat less, etc.  Let’s make some resolutions for our businesses.  Here’s a checklist to help you get started…

This year, I resolve to:

r  Calculate what I need to charge for a double digit net profit and raise prices.

r  Read a new, business related book each month.

r  Set goals for the company and share them with the team.

r  Get on top of my financial statements each month.

r  Identify my key performance indicators and spend one afternoon each week analyzing them.

r  Wrap my white trucks in a bold design.

r  Join the Service Roundtable and concentrate your purchases from the 100+ Roundtable Rewards partners to more than pay for your membership with cash rebates.

r  Hire for attitude and train for skills.

r  Get out of the truck and stay out.

r  Create and document processes for the business.

r  Improve the weekly service/training meetings.

r  Train more frequently.

r  Attend the International Roundtable in Atlanta, April 6-8 (Click for more information)

r  Leave something behind on every service call (e.g., magnets, jar openers, valve tags, etc.)

r  Focus on building your brand.

r  Update your company’s Google Plus page.

r  Attend a training/development event each quarter.

r  Attend the brand new Service World Expo in Las Vegas, October 26-28.

r  Join a service/civic club.

r  Start an affinity marketing program.

r  Find something to be thankful for at the end of every business day.

r  Mail or email your customers a quarterly newsletter.

r  Review and enhance your service agreement program.

r  Offer one new product each quarter.

r  Hold one employee appreciate event each quarter.

r  Enter the company into one or more contests.

r  Get involved with social media for the business.

r  Learn something new every week.

r  Use a marketing calendar.

r  Pay as much attention to your field service team’s grooming as you do to your trucks.

r  Each quarter call the owner of a service business in a different industry and buy lunch to talk about business.

r  Get involved with your local trade association.

r  Read one trade magazine a week.

r  Create a YouTube video for the company each month (it doesn’t have to be perfect).

r  Create a unique selling proposition.

r  Complement someone on your team every day.

r  Consider joining the Service Nation Alliance best practices group.

r  Have fun (it’s a decision).

More important than making resolutions is executing.  The first week in January is the most crowded week of the year at the gym because everyone makes New Year’s resolutions about fitness and weight.  By February, it’s back to normal.  Don’t let that happen to you and your business.  Execute.  And if you need support and accountability, consider the Service Nation Alliance.  I don’t want to make this a commercial, but the cost is about the same as a truck payment and the returns are easily ten times that much.

©2016 Matt Michel

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