Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Assume the Prospect is Buying


Sometimes people make sales too hard.  Sometimes all you need to do is assume the prospect is buying and proceed.

Think about it.  Only masochists enjoy entertaining multiple sales presentations.  Sure, there are a few masochists out there, but most people really want to buy from you and get it over with.

Sales great, Charlie Greer explained that people want to buy.  The reason they call you is they are hoping that you will solve their problems.  So do your job.

Some people are not great decision makers.  They want someone to make the decisions for them, even the salesperson.  If you are in the role of a consultative salesperson, making the best decisions for the customer is entirely appropriate.

Assume the prospect is buying and proceed.  Do not ask the prospect to sign.  Tell the prospect you need a signature so you can proceed with the next step (e.g., schedule the crew, order the equipment, pull the permits, whatever).

You might be surprised how many people will do exactly what you instruct.  It’s what the prospect wants.  If not, he or she will stop you or refuse, which is valuable too.  It gives you an opportunity to unearth the reason for not proceeding.  Solve it or address it and move forward.

This is called the assumptive close.  Try it.

©2014 Matt Michel

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