Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maintaining Truck Wraps

You pulled the trigger and wrapped your trucks.  They look great.  People are already commenting on them.  Follow these seven steps to keep them looking great.

·       Wash with mild detergents

Use a mild detergent when washing your truck.  Make sure the detergent does not cause bleaching.

·       No brushes

Do not go through a brush car wash.  Do not wash by hand with a brush or abrasive sponge.  This will damage the wrap. 

If you want to use a car wash, go through a brushless car wash.  When washing by hand, use a soft sponge or cloth.

·       No ice scrapers or heated windows

If your wrap includes vinyl over windows, do not use an ice scraper during the winter.  Also do not use an electric defroster.  The heat from the defroster might cause the vinyl to lift.

·       No pressure washes

This is a good way to remove your wrap.  Do not use a pressure wash.   Never.  Never, ever.

·       Use an approved silicone or teflon polish

Be careful with waxes, especially any with a petroleum distillate.  Use a silicone or Teflon polish recommended by the wrap company.

·       Cover when left outside for any length of time

If you are going to leave your vehicle parked outside for an extended period of time, cover it to prevent UV breakdown. 

·       Avoid parking under trees

As much as possible, avoid parking under trees or wires where birds congregate.  If you spot tree sap or bird droppings on your wrap, clean the spot immediately with a citrus cleaner, followed by washing it with water.

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