Saturday, December 31, 2011

44 Links From 2011

Below is a series of links to articles and columns I wrote in 2011 that were published by others and available online.  I've written more than these, but not all of them are available on the Internet (e.g., Southern PHC Magazine, some issues of Contracting Canada, etc.).  Even so, I found 44 links.  Most are articles and columns.  A few were interviews I gave or features.  Still, this is nearly one per week. No wonder I'm always chasing a deadline.

2.       Behind the Magic 8-Ball (1.1.11)

6.       Why Aren’t You Cross Marketing? (2.2.11)

9.       Leaving Money on the Table (3.1.11)

10.   Profiting from Chaos (3.1.11)

19.   Scratching the ISH Itch (5.1.11)

20.   The Buzz About QR Codes (5.4.11)

21.   The Heat is On (6.1.11)

23.   Summer Season Marketing (6.15.11)

24.   Brandwashing (6.24.11)

28.   Cause and Effect (7.5.11)

36.   The Power of Free (10.5.11)

38.   Embarrassed by the Brand (10.19.11)

41.   December Marketing Tactics (12.7.11)

42.   Fear is the Mind Killer (12.9.11)

(c) 2011 Matt Michel

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