Monday, January 31, 2011

State of the Internet

Some interesting stats about the current state of the Internet from (with my comments in blue)...


  • Used by 1.9 billion people
  • There are 2.9 billion known email accounts
  • 25% of email accounts are business or corporate accounts
  • 294 billion emails are sent daily
  • In 2010, 107 trillion emails were sent (as a number, that's more than seven times the size of the U.S. national debt)
  • Spam accounts for 89% of all email (I bet closer to 95% of my email is spam)


  • There are 255 million websites
  • 21.4 million websites were added in 2010, representing 8% of all websites
  • There are 109 million domain names
  • 7 million domain names were added in 2010, representing 6% of all domain names (what's really incredible is that there are any domain names left)

Internet Use

  • The Internet is used by 2 billion people
  • The number of people using the Internet increased 14% in 2010 (amazing that usage is continuing to grow at this rate)
  • The leading web browsers are Internet Explorer (47%), Firefox (31%), Chrome (15%), Safari (5%), and Opera (2%) (for all of the hype Apple generates, one would think Safari would enjoy greater share)
  • Internet use is greatest in 
    • Asia (42%)
    • Europe (24%)
    • North America (14%) (Wow!  I would not have guessed North America would trail Asia and Europe by this amount)
    • Latin America/Caribbean (10%)
    • Africa (6%)
    • Middle East (3%)
    • Australia/Oceania (1%)
  • Spam is greatest in 
    • Europe (39%)
    • Asia (34%)
    • Latin America/Caribbean (13%)
    • North America (10%) (I also would not have guessed North America would be underrepresented in spam - of course, the amount of offshore spam also suggests that there's not much we'll be able to do about it)
    • Africa (3%)
    • Australia/Oceania (1%)

Social Media

  • There are now 600 million Facebook users (gulp)
  • In 2010, 250 million Facebook users were added (big gulp)
  • Every day, 20 million Facebook apps are installed
  • 70% of Facebook users live outside of the U.S. (conversely, this means that 58% of the U.S. population is using Facebook)
  • During 2010, 100 million Twitter accounts were created
  • During 2010, 25 billion Tweets were sent
  • There are 152 million blogs

Online Media

  • Every day, 2 billion videos are watched on YouTube
  • Every minute, 35 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube
  • Videos are watched by 84% of Internet users (how can 16% of Internet users spend any time online and avoid video?)
  • Only 14% of Internet users have uploaded a video
  • Every minute, 3 thousand images are uploaded to Flickr
  • More than 5 billion images are hosted on Flickr
  • More than 36 billion images were uploaded to Facebook in 2010 (this has gotta be a typo... right?)
So what does all of this mean for your business?  No matter what kind of business you operate, you better get wired or you will get wiped out.


  1. Great post Matt, certainly some staggering numbers. I'm a little shocked Europe beat out North America in volume of Spam.

    More interesting numbers around Safari, Apple now enjoys a nearly 11% install base of OS X in the U.S., however, still lag on a global level of only around 5% ( So that usage number is relatively inline until you consider that Safari is also available for the PC... (note: this comment written on my Mac Pro using Firefox ;) )


  2. One of our graphic designers was quick to point out that Firefox is the preferred browser for Macs. If so, that's a little surprising to me.

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