Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Time for a New Business Card

Source:  orderedlist from the Kineda blog

The Service Roundtable's business card is starting to look a little stale.  Plus, our graphics designer cringes every time she looks at it.  I'm tired of the grimaces.  If ours is out of date, I'll bet yours could use an upgrade as well.  And poor business cards cost sales.

According to a press release from Fidelity Print...

Two thirds of people won't buy from companies with bad business cards.
A new survey has revealed that buying cheap business cards is a false economy - because they actually put off potential customers.
Self-printed business cards or flimsy ones from low cost, low quality online design companies would discourage two thirds of potential buyers, according to the survey by

Fortunately, good business cards can help drive sales.  Sarah, our graphics designer, pointed out the Vector Tuts blog to illustrate some great die-cut designs.

As the guy who signs checks, my immediate knee jerk reaction when I see these cards is to grab onto my wallet.  How much do they cost, I ask myself.

It's the wrong question.  I should ask how much they can help.

Before I turned Sarah loose to come up with new designs, I stressed that I wanted a QR code on the back of the card.  The QR code is a type of bar code, readable by smart phones like the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry (you might have to download an app).

The QR codes we will use will take the user to a webpage about the Service Roundtable that will promote upcoming events, contain special offers, and other interesting information.  We can change the webpage contents whenever we want while the URL remains constant.

As we were discussing different business card designs, some seemed better for our members, some for prospects, and others for vendors and investors.  Sarah asked the obvious question.  Shouldn't we just create more than one card?  Of course!  Targeting our business cards increases their effectiveness.  And even the most expensive business card is still cheap. Why not carry more than one?


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