Friday, October 2, 2009

Goin Green

Yesterday, I attended the West Coast Green Tradeshow in San Francisco, and it was fantastic. The show was held in two huge buildings, and featured hundreds of booths and displays. These included many different kinds of Green Building Materials, Furniture, Photovoltaic and Hot Water Solar Systems, as well as Electric Vehicles, and Heating and Cooling Systems. In addition, there were many different types of Plumbing Fixtures; including a very clever little add-on dual flush water system that sits on top of a standard flush Water Closet lid.

In another building, there were on-going “Green” workshops and seminars all day long. This was the first day of a three-day show, and it was absolutely packed with people on a Thursday. In fact, we had to drive around for 30 minutes or so too find a parking place. I know the event will have many thousands of visitors by the end of the three day show, and I would assume most of whom are either already “Green”, or will be going Green in the future.

This was not a free event, as it cost $20.00 to attend for one day. These people are serious about the Green lifestyle, and are willing to pony up their money to prove it, as well as the inconvenience of very limited parking which required sometimes walking several city blocks to reach the show. As I walked around checking out how many new and innovative products were on display, I thought how about how great this country really is. I am so tired of hearing about how we are behind everyone else in the world when it comes to having new ideas and creating new products. Granted there were many foreign products displayed, but there were many new and innovative American products presented as well.

I really feel the Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling industry, which has been on the cutting edge of Green Technology for years, is in a great position to become one of the real leaders in this huge new “Green” industry. Any business that does not get on board and start participating in this new way of life, is going to be left behind very quickly.

I am also going to be attending the Green Plumber series of five classes next week in Vegas. There are 120 people signed up too attend the weeklong event, and they will be getting all five of their Green Plumbers certifications by Friday. Having 120 people show up in a recession, should prove how valuable being certified as a Green Plumber really is too these people.

While I am there, I am also going too receive my certification as an instructor for Green Plumbers, which I am very excited about. Our local PHCC Chapter is sponsoring my opportunity to become certified, which will provide another benefit to its members, as well as other plumbing companies in our area. I want to start teaching classes at night or on weekends, which will allow employees to become “Green Plumber” certified and not miss work during the day, which is a real issue for many people.

Just my happy Green thoughts,

Gene B

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  1. Gene,

    Myself and my brother, who is also my master plumber, will see you at the GreenPlumber classes.

    Our company was the first Licensed GreenPlumber in Texas.

    See ya there...

    Craig Woolheater
    Innerline Plumbing